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Taming the Untameable

In 2016, Mountain Management started as a small cleaning company focused on the short-term rental market. After repeated conversations with our clients, we kept hearing the same shared problems. With many being new to the short-term rental economy, owners didn't have a well-defined road map to success.

  • They didn't know what sites got the most traffic

  • They didn't know why some listings resonated with guests while others didn't

  • They didn't know how to turn-over a property quickly

  • And they were worried how to still make money and get bookings in the off-season.

Their success was largely based on trial and error and couldn't easily replicate it. Mountain Management saw this as a tremendous opportunity.


We took our existing cleaning knowledge and coupled it with vast amounts of client booking data to come up with a system that works time after time. With thousands of bookings every year to constantly tune and refine the process, Mountain Management has grown from a local cleaning company to one of the largest short-term property management companies in Colorado.

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